About Us

Crossfields Learning hosts the adult and Higher Education activities of Crossfields Europa and the Crossfields Group.

We design and deliver workshops, short courses, conferences and specialist higher education programmes in collaboration with partner universities and other educational institutes. We offer organisational development and leadership consultancy to establishments and individuals internationally.

Our passion is education in all its forms, and our vision is to inspire, innovate and initiate positive social change towards a better world for all.

We specialise in the delivery of Higher Education courses that are linked to the holistic and integrated education vision of Crossfields Institute (www.crossfieldslearninghub.com). Based in Stroud, UK we have students from around the world who study together through the use of our virtual learning platform (VLE). Being linked to an Awarding Organisation means that our Quality Assurance processes are robust and we are at the forefront of developing and implementing innovative learning practices.

The Researching Holistic Agroecology course is run in cooperation with the Institute for Education and Social Innovation (IBUGI), an institute at Alanus University, in Bonn/Germany. The course is offered as a postgraduate certificate course and progression to a full Master’s is being negotiated (spring 2019) in conjunction with our partners at IBUGI.

The study options for this course are:

  • Take any of the individual course modules that interest you as a stand-alone course of study. Either take the module assessed (and gain credit) or unassessed (for your own education and enjoyment!).
  • Study toward a Postgraduate Certificate (Hochschulzertifikat) in Researching Agroecology (delivered and completed in 2 years)
    • The Certificate consists of 6 modules delivered online through our Virtual Learning Environment and through optional annual intensives.
    • The structure of the course enables you to stay within your own context (community, place of residence etc.) while joining an international community of practice and fellow students. We refer to this approach to study as situated research.
  • MA (currently being reviewed and renegotiated).

Costs for Researching Agroecology can be found here.