The Growing Diversity Fund

This bursary fund has been established to support individuals to undertake research and social innovation in the context of the Crossfields Institute/Alanus University postgraduate programme Researching Holistic Approaches to Agroecology.

Individuals are eligible to apply for a bursary if they have completed an application form and received notification of acceptance on the course.

Criteria for allocation of funds from the bursary are posted below. In some instances, donors to the fund will have stipulated criteria for the allocation of funds given.

The current criteria for allocation of bursaries is as follows:

  • a priority is given to those on low household incomes, particularly from low-income countries
  • a priority is given to those who are situated such that participation on the course will help to bring about far reaching sustainable change in those areas most in need.
  • a priority is given to under-represented groups (i.e. is determined by groups currently represented on the course and hence this priority will change with each enrolment).

where a contributor to the bursary fund stipulates different criteria their criteria will be used for the distribution of funds directly connected to that contribution.

For more information on bursaries and to enquire about eligibility please contact us.

We would like to gratefully acknowledge the Ernest Cook Trust for contributing to our bursary fund: