Distance Learning

Word Map October 2015

Distance Learning is a well-established approach to postgraduate study with many benefits for the student/researcher. In this particular area of Researching Holistic  Agroecology we are keen to make this study available to individuals who will benefit from placing their studies in the context of new or existing initiatives that are in touch with very local conditions, communities and questions.

The ‘localisation’ benefits of this approach supports research that is specific and contextualized. Distance (and potential isolation) from colleagues and peers that this approach gives rise to is balanced by the option of meeting together in learning intensives which will be offered yearly.

Regular contact with faculty and colleagues is also supported through online webinars, learning groups and peer support. This approach to learning is a participatory one, where participants are challenged to take responsibility for their own learning and to support each other in this process.

The blended learning model for this course creates the unique combination fostering an international community of practice with research undertaken in specific locations around the world. Postgraduate students on Researching Holistic  Agroecology are part of a learning community that is united in the global aim of furthering the development of holistic approaches to agroecology.

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