Isis Brook, M.Ed, PhD, FHEA

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Isis undertook a training in Goethean science with Margaret Colquhoun during the time that she was studying for a PhD. Her doctoral work was on Goethe’s methodology, as currently practiced, and a comparison with Husserlian phenomenology. Isis has taught philosophy at Lancaster University and for the Open University then University of Central Lancashire. She has extensive experience of co-ordinating and teaching using distance learning and previously ran the distance course MA Values and Environment, based at Lancaster. Ever since her doctoral work Isis’ research has centred on questions to do with the human being’s relationship to nature and to the world. She has published in journals such as: The Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology, Ethics and the Environment, Landscape Research, and Ethics, Place, and Environment and has written extensively on cultural landscapes. She served for ten years as editor of the international journal Environmental Values. Isis has always had a parallel interest in education and in 2010 completed a Masters in Education: specialising in education for the whole person. She was able to combine her interest in plants and landscape with education by taking up a post as Head of Learning and Teaching at Writtle College, a land-based college near London. At Crossfields Institute International, Isis combines her enduring passions of exploring the human-plant relationship (now in the context of food production) and innovative teaching. For relaxation Isis is a keen gardener and botanical artist (she holds a diploma in botanical painting).

Isis Brook, M.Ed, PhD, FHEA

Jonathan M. Code, M.Ed

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Jonathan is a the Deputy Director of, and a lecturer with, Crossfields Institute International. He is a writer, gardener, teacher, author and researcher. He is one of the course leaders on the postgraduate course Researching Holistic  Agroecology. Jonathan has a deep interest in Consciousness Studies, Western Esotericism, the natural sciences, holistic agriculture and education. These interests informed both his Bachelor’s degree (Integral Studies, CIIS, California), and his M. Ed (Social and Environmental Education, RSUC Oslo). Jonathan has taught practical chemistry, phenomenology and nature study to learners of all ages for many years, and he continues to contribute to adult and higher education initiatives both in the UK and abroad. Jonathan is studying for his doctorate with the University of Bath.  His book Muck and Mind: Encountering Biodynamic Agriculture was released in November 2014 by Lindisfarne Press and by Floris Books in January 2015.


The Course Leaders are supported by a team of Crossfields staff and external contributors including:

Crossfields Staff

  • Fergus Anderson BSc, M.Ed, Lecturer
  • Charlotte von Bülow, M.Ed, CEO of Crossfields and Chair of the Demeter Certification Board UK; Trusteeships include the Living Earth Land Trust, the Biodynamic Association, Charlotte is also a founding member of the Biodynamic Association Board of Studies.
  • Jane Tyler, Faculty Administration Manager

Associate faculty includes but is not limited to:

  • Tarry Bolger (Demeter Certification Manager),
  • Miche Fabre-Lewin (Touchstone Collaborations)
  • Flora Gaynor-Hardy (Touchstone Collaborations)
  • Dr Aksel Hugo (Life Sciences University, Oslo)

Visiting Speakers

Visiting speakers for some of the Week long intensives will include, but is not limited to:

  • Dr Michel Pimbert (Centre for Agroecology and Water Resilience)
  • Dr Julia Wright (Centre for Agroecology and Water Resilience)
  • Dr Craig Holdrege (The Nature Institute, USA)
  • Dennis Klocek (Independent researcher and author, USA)
  • Prof Warwick Fox (UCLan emeritus)
  • Dr Chris Warburton-Brown (Research Coordinator, Permaculture Association)
  • Dr Michael Antoniou (Kings College London)
  • Dr Judyth Sassoon (University of Bristol)