How is the programme structured?

agroecology-programme-structureResearching Holistic Agroecology is a course with flexible pathways designed to suit each individual learner.

Once your application is accepted you embark on a course of study which consists of 6 modules taken over two years. Completion of these modules comprises (and is necessary for obtaining) a postgraduate certificate.

Students who successfully complete the postgraduate certificate may then continue their studies toward obtaining a Master’s degree (MA).

Assignments for the postgraduate diploma course modules are designed to develop the participant’s intellectual, practical and personal skills. The strategy for assignments is ‘assessment for learning’ with the use of authentic tasks, some of which will aid the student to create a useful body of work that will assist in communicating key ideas in holistic agriculture to colleagues, customers, local authorities and global associates. Self and peer-evaluation is encouraged and supported, but formative feedback will also be available from the core faculty on drafts, plans and – particularly – the formative milestones of a dissertation.