Touchstone Collaborations: “Touchstone collaborations, our ecological and inter-disciplinary arts research practice, is dedicated to an ethics and aesthetic of collaboration which creates convivial and safe environments for people to reconnect with the joy of thinking with each other and with nature.”

IMA: The Institute for Mindful Agriculture is located on the Hawthorne Valley Farm and is a collaboration of Hawthorne Valley Association, The Biodynamic Association of North America, and the Presencing Institute at MIT.

The Permaculture Association: International Permaculture Conference 2015 – Crossfields Insittute International will be contributing to the IPC UK 2015 with lectures and workshops.

BDA (UK): The Biodynamic Association (UK) “The Biodynamic Agricultural Association was founded in Great Britain in 1929 to promote biodynamic farming and gardening. It also administers the Demeter symbol and gives support through a network of advisers, the journal Star and Furrow, a news-sheet, conferences, seminars and workshops.”

 City Food Growers: Cityfood Growers provides knowledge and services to support the transformation of our food system to being more local and organic. Our business empowers people living in and around cities to be more productive at growing their own food. We are located in Brisbane, Australia and deliver our services locally, nationally and for a growing list of countries. Our Organic Gardener Subscriber web site is localised to any town or city of Australia, the USA, New Zealand and the UK, with other countries to come. The site provides a massive resource of integrated content for food gardeners using organic methods. Our web site is recognised as a leading use of new technology to support food gardening and has an ever evolving pathway of new features to keep at it at the forefront of supporting our large and growing subscriber base.”

National Young Farmers Coalition:The National Young Farmers Coalition MISSION ; NYFC represents, mobilizes, and engages young farmers to ensure their success. VISION; We envision a country where young people who are willing to work, get trained and take a little risk can support themselves and their families in farming. GUIDING PRINCIPLES; The National Young Farmers Coalition supports practices and policies that will sustain young, independent and prosperous farmers now and in the future.

Biodynamic Land Trust :The Biodynamic Land Trust is a charitable community benefit society, established to secure land into trust for healthy and sustainable farming and gardening. Let’s secure land into trust together, for a working and living countryside.

Organic Farmers and Growers:Organic Farmers and Growers Ltd. is one of a number of control bodies accredited by the UK Government’s Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and is approved to inspect organic production and processing in the UK.In addition, OF&G works with the Association for Organics Recycling (AfOR) and Renewable Energy Assurance Ltd (REAL) on the inspection and certification of compost and biofertiliser (from anaerobic digestion) respectively.

Food Ethics Council : The Food Ethics Council The Food Ethics Council is a charity that provides independent advice on the ethics of food and farming. Our aim is to create a food system that is fair and healthy for people, animals and the environment.

Sustainable Food Trust : At the Sustainable Food Trust, we are committed to facing challenges and exploring solutions for a food production system that causes the least possible harm to both humans and the environment.

Ecological Land Cooperative The Ecological Land Co-operative has a mission to provide affordable opportunities for ecological land-based businesses in the UK. They support rural regeneration by developing affordable sites for farming, forestry and other rural enterprises which are viable and ecologically beneficial.



The Ernest Cook Trust – The Ernest Cook Trust is one of the UK’s leading outdoor learning charities. Rooted in the conservation and management of the countryside, the Trust actively encourages children and young people to learn from the land through hands-on outdoor learning opportunities on its estates and by offering grants. The Ernest Cook Trust are contributors to our bursary fund.

FEA – Funding Enlightened Agriculture –  Just Growth – ”  Just Growth is a new funding programme designed to encourage the growth of community based food and farming projects.The aim of the programme is to support social enterprises that are producing food in a environmentally and socially just way – hence Just Growth.”  For More Information go here